First of all, thank you for stopping by. The first thing I want you to know is this: You are loved. Remember that.

My name is Danny, and I’m a grad student in geology at Cal State Long Beach. My intent in this blog is basically to give you a window into my soul. Be prepared for whatever you might see. My soul is not a very pretty place. It is not rated G. It’s a broken and grimy little corner of hell, but it’s the one I live in. And yet, by the impossible grace of God, the Holy Spirit lives in here too.

If you want to know a little bit about my journey up to this point, the seagull story is a good place to start. (It’s pretty long, but as you’ll quickly come to realize, I could spend hours and hours talking about myself.) Otherwise, feel free to just dive right in: devotionals, journals, writing, or just hit the random post button if you’re feeling lucky, punk. Most of these posts started as little TextEdit notes I wrote for myself over the past year or two. They were written in an entirely private frame of mind, directed at myself and at God alone. But now I’ve uploaded nearly every single thing I wrote during that time, timestamped to the date I originally wrote it.

I’m posting all of this with the hope that somewhere within all the junk, within the hills and valleys of my journey through depression, anxiety and total foolishness, there may be one or two signposts that direct your gaze toward Jesus. He is the one who saved me, and he’s always been faithful, saving me day after day after day.

I do not believe that he is finished with me yet — and neither am I.

And if you’re interested, I started another devotional blog called The Glass Atmosphere. I basically focus on different aspects of creation, admire them and reflect on what they tell us about God. Still a lot of things to be written. Stay tuned. You are loved.



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